Supporting Children Through Separation


Most people agree that inter-parental conflict is not good for children, but sometimes conflict is more likely to happen when you are separating or divorcing. Parenting Together – Supporting Children Through Separation is not a parenting course. It is a guide designed to help separated parents understand what their children need most from them and to learn the fundamental principles of how to manage any conflict and difficulties between them – and how to put this into practice.

Take your time to work through the five key sections of this guide at your own pace. You don’t have to work through them in order, and can jump to the section most relevant to you. Each one is full of ideas, helpful techniques and simple exercises to help you and your child through a separation journey.

  • The guide is for family members who are in conflict over child arrangements (such as, where your child should live or who the child should see, how often and for how long)
  • Parents working together in the best interest of your child.
  • What your child needs – to be made aware of the needs of your child and learn various ideas that can make a difference to your child’s life
  • Talking to your child – tell him/her what is happening, hear and talk to him/her about any feelings.

You can dip into the guide whenever you need to and there are worksheets which you can download and fill in as you go through. Some parts of the guide will be relevant to your situation and some won’t. Also you may find some useful links to websites which may be helpful to you in your situation and to continue learning.

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What parents say:

"This guide has helped me. I hope myself & the other parent can communicate for the best interests of our child. Communication is essential. My child's welfare is paramount."
"This guide was very useful and has changed my view on ‘working together for children’.”
"I am reassured what I am doing. Made me realise how important the small steps are in the bigger picture.”
"I’ve learned lots of tips for future communication with my ex-partner.”
"This has been helpful, making sure the child is put first not the conflict between the adults.”