Supporting Children

Research shows that the way parents talk to their child about the break-up, and the way they involve them in decisions during and after the separation, can affect how they adjust.

Most children and young people say that they still want to see both parents after the separation.

Children who keep in contact with both parents after a divorce or separation have fewer adjustment problems than those children who lose contact with the parent they do not live with.

The following are some of the most important things children need when their parents go through a separation:

  • To be told what’s happening and how his or her life will change
  • To know that it is not his or her fault
  • To know that it’s fine to talk and ask questions
  • To know that it’s all right to have different family rules in different houses
  • To know that his or her parents understand how they feel and still love them
  • To be listened to
  • To know that it’s OK to feel angry and sad
  • To feel good about loving both parents.

Click below to download our parenting questionnaire. The aim of this questionnaire is to help you to focus on the strengths and positive qualities that you bring to parenting.

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