Straighter road

Below are statements which reflect being on the straighter road. Tick each statement that applies to you and then press submit.

Tick each statement that applies to you
  • Having calm, mature conversations about your child
  • Moving on and doing things differently in the future
  • Talking to your child about what is happening
  • Accepting that your child may feel differently to you and love both parents
  • Focusing on things you can control
  • Making positive choices for you and your child
Tick each statement that applies to you
  • Reduced conflict
  • Managing high emotions through being direct, without being harsh
  • Thinking about things from your child’s perspective
  • Hearing what your child says
  • Wanting to stop suffering yourself
  • Thinking about what you can do
  • I am thinking about using mediation
Total number of ticks

It sounds like you are on the right road although your journey isn’t over yet. Importantly you are thinking about what your child is experiencing and you are able to ask them how they are feeling. You recognise there will be times when you are upset or angry – with the situation or your ex-partner – but you are committed to working through these difficult times and asking for help when you need it.

If you have left any of these statements un-ticked, you will still find this guide valuable. As you go through this guide you’ll find various ideas that can make a difference to your child’s life, and help you to tick off even more of the statements that reflect being on the straighter road.

Please tick the checkbox to track your progress through the guide.

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